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Ashok Das was born in Kapurthala, Punjabi and was a National Kabaddi player. He played for the Punjab Kabaddi Team in 1978-1981 and participated in the all India Kabaddi Tournament twice and won a Silver Medal in Amritsar.



He formed the ‘The England Kabaddi Association’ after being a former member of the NKA where he qualified as a National Kabaddi Coach.


The England Kabaddi Men’s Team participated in the 1st Kabaddi World Cup held in Mumbai where 14 countries competed in the event. The England Kabaddi team consisted of British Asian players from various parts of the UK.


At this event the Annual General Meeting was held and chaired by Mr. J. S. Gehlot, the President of Asian Kabaddi Federation. Members from 24 countries were present at this meeting where nominations and elections were held to select committee members. Ashok Das was elected Vice President of the IKF and given authority to establish Kabaddi in England, Europe, USA and Canada.

2005 - 2006

Regular training sessions continued in Army bases at Larkhill,

Aldershot Garrison and at the Household Cavalry in Windsor.


With Shear determination he introduced Kabaddi to the British Army whom have competed in International Events with successive results.

England v Air India match and workshop held at Dartford in Kent, August 2006


The 2nd Kabaddi World Cup championship was held in Mumbai where four British Army Soldiers formed part of the England Team. In this year he developed Kabaddi in Italy and also took the Army Team to compete in friendly matches in India. They played against their equivalent of the India Army, Mumbai Fire Brigade and Mumbai Police Force as well as the Indian Railway team and Punjab Police.


October 2007, he established the European Kabaddi Federation with the support of the Italian Kabaddi

Federation. Ashok Das holds the seat of General Secretary for the EKF.


The European Kabaddi Federation hosted the 1st European Kabaddi Cup in Italy, where ‘Circular’ and ‘Rectangular’ games were played in front of over 20,000 spectators.


England Women’s Kabaddi Team was formed and competed against the USA Women’s Team, winning the match in New York.

Men’s England Team competed in Rectangular Kabaddi against Italy in Barcelona.


May - First England Women's Kabaddi Team was formed which consisted of some armed forces personnel. First test match held in Italy against Japan.

Sept - Women’s Team participated in the ‘New York Cup’ tournament where England beat the USA and won the Cup.


November 2011 – The Women’s team participated in the 2nd World Cup held in Punjabi, India and the England Women’s Team were runners up with the Silver Cup against the Indian team. This was the toughest competition to date as the Indian team have years of practice.


Due to growing popularity of Women’s Kabaddi the team were invited to participate in Canada Cup in Toronto, where they won the match against the USA team for the 3rd consecutive time.

May - Competed against the Italian Women's Team in Vienna and won the competition.



July – Women’s friendly match against Italy where the team won the match.

3rd World Cup Kabaddi Tournament in India from 1st to 15th December. England Women’s Team were fourth in the competition but played an exceptional game.


Affiliated the Scottish Kabaddi Association, Wales Kabaddi Association and Poland Kabaddi Association to to the International Kabaddi Federation (IKF)


Women’s team played demonstration matches in Warsaw, Poland to showcase the sport and encourage participation. This was the inception of the Poland Kabaddi Team who have now successfully competed at several tournaments

August – Women’s teams played against Italy in Norway and won the match.

December - Women’s team competed in 5th Kabaddi World Cup in India and reached the semi-final.


Men’s team competed against Italy in Brescia.


Women’s matches held during the summer throughout England alongside the Men’s League.


Friendly European Championship held in Birmingham between Poland and University Teams. Poland won the Cup.


Test Match against Poland and Denmark in Copenhagen where England were runners up with one-point difference.


Sept – Women’s Team competed in ‘New York Cup’ against New Zealand, Mexico and Denmark. England acclaimed 2nd position


August - Women’s team competed at Canadian Cup competing against USA, Mexico and Canada. England were runners-up.

England Men’s team played warm up matches against Kenya in Nairobi building up towards the World Cup.

Men’s World Cup Tournament in India supported by Star Sports and shown on Sky Sports in UK as well as 131 countries on National TV.


March -1 st International Beach Kabaddi competition in Mauritius where the women’s team were

runners up against India.

June - Copenhagen – Men’s Team were runners up against Poland.


July – Men’s and Women’s Kabaddi demonstration matches held at Kings Cross Park RLFC in Halifax.


March – International Kabaddi day held in Oldham with a friendly match against Scotland with mixed demonstration matches of both men and women.

June – Men’s and Women’s friendly matches held on Glasgow against, Scotland and Poland.

October – European Kabaddi Tournament held in jointly organized by England and Scotland Kabaddi in Glasgow in which the England Men’s and Women’s teams participated. England Women were winners at the match.


Feb – 1st Kabaddi Coaching and Technical officials course held in Oldham where 16 people qualified.

Nov - Scheduled International Kabaddi Cup jointly organized by England and Scotland Kabaddi to be held in Glasgow. As well as participate, England Kabaddi will support the event is supplying Technical Officials to officiate at the tournament.

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