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Desi Blitz interview with Ashok Das

Desi Blitz

2020 - September

Ashok Das Interview with Desi Blitz

The President of the England Kabaddi Association (EKA) Ashok Das has had a pivotal role in globalising the sport.

Ashok also familiar as the ‘Kabaddi Daddy’ is leading the way for the game to become an Olympic sport. The former national kabaddi player was born in Kapurthala, India.

Ashok was representing the Punjab Kabaddi team, playing for them between 1978-1981.

He had the honour of twice playing in the All India Kabaddi event, receiving a silver medal.

After moving to the UK, he began concentrating on England Kabaddi. This includes qualifying as a National Kabaddi Coach from the National Kabaddi Association (NKA).

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